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LS House Movers Singapore

With over 20 years of contracting and construction experience, we’ll bring our wealth of knowledge and insight to provide the most complete industrial solutions for your next development.  

Why Choose Us?

There are many companies in the industry that offers you to move your households and office items to your desired location. Maybe the shifting can be commercial Moving or Residential Moving. And you might be thinking about why you should choose us as your helping hand to move your house.

But let me tell you that there are no companies in Singapore which offers you this much reliable service as we provide. House Movers Singapore provides you the most extra-ordinary service which you will ever want to get.

We are the team of working experienced professionals to get you the best quality service at an affordable price. Whenever it comes to moving your essentials to any of your desired locations in Singapore. We are the best company in Singapore which is satisfying all requirements of our customers.

We offer you to move your residential essential, commercial essential. If you have a car and thinking about moving to your new place then we are here to help you professionally.

As we offer you to move your furniture, business products, car, etc. For commercial moving and as well as for residential moving we are the best in the industry. By giving our the best reliable, safe, and secure service with a huge team of experts.




Some Key Point To Choose Our Reliable Service

  • Our Service is always available when required.
  • The most promising thing about us is that you can get an instant quotation of your query.
  • We give the best wallet-friendly price and transparent price to our clients. Call now to get an offer price.
  • As we give the quality service we offer you the best convenient moving packages for your house moving.
  • We have a highly efficient working Team who will help you to move easily without any kind of hassle.
  • We never disappoint any of our clients that is why we produce all week service to make you stress-free.
  • We are the best at commercial moving and we take extra security steps for protecting your furniture.
  • It is the best service of us that we assure our clients with on-time delivery service of their moving essential.
  • We ensure that you will get a safe & secure and reliable service with specialized in residential moving.
  • For any purpose, you can use our storage service.
  • We are having a very unique and comfortable disposal service for our clients.
  • We are having 20 years of working experience in the field of house moving.
  • We Worked with very big companies before and we assure our service will satisfy your expectations.
  • Providing an amazing service with the experienced and trained truck Diver for better user experience.
  • We have the best user-friendly customer care service and provide you to directly call our professionals.

There are many unique facilities that we provide which no other company will provide you to move your house essentials. And there are many reasons to choose our service as we recommend you the best. Hope to see you on board with our unique service.

Cost of  Moving Service


Our Services

residential moving service

Residential Moving

commercial moving service

Commercial Moving

storage & disposal

Storage & Disposal

Our Works We're lucky to have worked with such great partners, both commercial and residential.

Providing The Best Service For Moving House:-

The whole packing and unpacking process is not very easy.  And it is one of the most difficult tasks to handle while shifting to a completely new city or a new address that too in a country like Singapore. If you are doing the packing by yourself then it will be the most difficult work for you to handle. As there is a high risk that you can break your valuable things unintentionally. If you are shifting to a new place may be a new city or a new place in your locality then it will be best if you hire professionals. And we have the best and experienced hands to take care of your valuable house items and promising to shift to your new address carefully.

moving companies singapore

Singapore is definitely a big country and you will have stress to shift and carry your items to your new address. But here comes the best part is that you can give us the stress as we will take care of your products and shift to your new address within an affordable and reasonable price. In entire Singapore, we provide our best quality service. And if you are shifting the first time then you definitely can talk to our professionals and they will guide you on what option will be the best for you. We have come up with the latest offers and service which makes us unique.

cheap movers singapore

Our Services

Our company is the best for someone who is willing to shift their house items to a new address. No matter if the item is a book or any furniture we take very extra care to shift our customer’s products. We offer a very quick response to our customers as we serve the best house moving service at an affordable rate. Here is some common service we offer- Service For Residential Moving: we offer our clients to move their residential things easily. If you are moving your house to a new address which is far from your current address or if you are moving even to your next block. Read more Service For Commercial Moving: If you are willing to shift your office or any business items to a new address in a big country like Singapore then we are the professionals to get you to work done easily. As we have the employees who all are trained to operate your electronics items like computers or any electronic accessories. Read More

Local Moving Service:

If you live in a well-developed place in Singapore and thinking to shift in your locality. Then no worries about the price range. If you are thinking that your spending money will not worthy to shift in a small distance then we would like to tell you that we charge only that much amount which is reasonable. We don’t charge any extra money or there is no hidden cost in our service. We provide you the best quality service to shift in your locality.

storage service

Convenient Moving Packages:

It is very difficult to pack any item for someone if the person is not an expert at work. We have separate experts for packaging our client’s products. We provide boxes and many things to properly pack your belongings. Our skilled and experienced experts will very carefully pack your belongings. And moreover, you just relax for unpacking because our experts will also help you to properly unpack your items with full of care.

Highly Efficient Moving Team:

we provide the best experience to our clients. We have a highly efficient team to give quality to our clients. Our all employees are well trained and experienced. We trained our employees on how to take extra care of sensitive items of our customers. By choosing us you get our best team to move your house items.

Instant Quotation:

What makes us unique is our fast response policy. You can call us on our hotline or you can get an instant quotation. And you can talk to our experts on what options will be best for you to shift your house items. We respond to all our client’s queries within a minimum time period.

Get Best Service With Our Storage Service Facility:

If you recently shifted and your new place is still under construction then you can use our storage service. Read More

storage services singapore

On-Time Delivery:

There are many companies that keep fake promises to make your delivery on time. We have a huge number of experts to do your delivery on time. We don’t want to give stress to our clients. That is why we guaranteed to give the product delivery on time.

Safe Secure & Reliable Service:

We provide maximum safety to our client’s products. We manage every step to not get our client’s product damaged. We do our work very seriously. And try to maintain maximum safety for our clients.

Pocket-Friendly Budget:

We don’t want our clients to pay any extra money for our service. We charge very reasonably for our service which is a pocket-friendly budget.

All Week Service:

If you are thinking that we will delay your delivery just for any weekend then you are not right. Because we work every day to provide our clients with the best experience. By which you will not get any stress about shifting. Now moving house is easier than before with our best service. Our services are also insured, so you will be sure of being covered whenever an accident occurs. Even though we highly train our team, we prefer being more cautious. That is why we ensure our services. Be sure of enjoying our service whenever you need it.

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