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About LS House Movers Singapore

Relocating is easy with us.

Moving is something that can get you stressed yet excited at the same time. It could be an exhausting task if you trust it with an incorrect plan. People have various reasons for shifting. You might’ve finally bought your dream house, or you are planning to extend your office space with a thriving business. The reasons can vary, but our goal and dedication will always remain the same. That goal is making the moving process a fond memory rather than a problematic task. All you have to do is contact us! 


Why Us? 

Trusting us to be involved in this milestone of your life is a huge decision. To make that decision easier, here’s a brief on the shifting process and how we can assist you:

Consultation and why it's necessary

Loading and Transportation

Packaging and its importance

Unloading, the last step

Consultation and why it's necessary:

We understand relocating is something that an individual doesn’t do every day. This is why we guide and keep you updated with information at every step. We are available on the phone, online, or you could come and visit our nearby office. There will be a set of questions regarding the shifting, which will include:-

  • Furniture and appliances details
  • Fragile and valuable items
  • Address and sizes of both the locations, i.e., the current and the moving address.
  • Packaging details will be discussed.
  • The size of the moving vehicle required.

Considering all these factors, we can chart out a quotation which fits you the best. The quote provided will have details of all the services costs, and it will be transparent without any concealed charges.

Packaging and its importance:

One of the most crucial steps is packaging all the items. We take utmost care in packaging even the smallest things in your rooms. Along with that, we use the best materials possible. Fragile items are packed with the help of skilled and trained staff members to avoid any damage. Additionally, more layers of bubble wraps and other materials are used to function as cushioning agents. Disassembling appliances like air conditioners, geysers, etc., is also done with proper steps. All packaging is done in your presence for transparency, accountability, and your inputs.

Loading and Transportation:

After the packaging process, everything is loaded in a spacious carrier promised in the quote. Packages are arranged in such a manner that they won't get damaged in any way. The packages are also secured in every way so that they won't move during the drive. There are several staff members to make sure this process is carried out efficiently. There are multiple checks done to see if everything is loaded. There are always some helpers accompanying the luggage during the whole transportation to ensure they're in good shape.

Unloading, the last step:

Once the carrier reaches the given location, all the items are safely unloaded. This process takes place according to your preferences. This means that all your packages are placed in the rooms you desire. Unpacking of the items and furniture will be assembled as required. The carrier is checked multiple times to make sure nothing is left behind in the unloading process. Afterall transparency and trust factor is our main goal.

We believe in customer satisfaction and strive to do the best for the same. Our years of experience in this industry help us understand our customer's requirements and improve our services accordingly. To experience this efficient and convenient service, get a quote right away!

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