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Moving is not a frequent activity and that just means that we only have one opportunity to leave an impression. We are a Singapore based company which specialises in relocating and moving services. Years of modifying and upgrading our services according to our customer’s feedback have made us one of the best Singapore movers and packers. We provide a wide range of facilities and take pride in completing all of them smoothly and efficiently to be the best moving service Singapore. And don’t worry about the costs as well, we are very affordable movers Singapore. Read along to find out all about us and how we function!

Different types of relocation services we provide:

Moving is not always limited to house shifting. A good shifting company provides services suitable to all kinds of moving. As a moving company Singapore, this is why we make sure to keep our facilities ready for each and every kind of relocation. Here are some types of moving we can get you the best service in:

  • House moving services:

Home movers Singapore is one of the most common types of moving. But just because it is common does not mean it’s easy. Residential moving service has to be done very meticulously. right from small utensils to furniture removal Singapore, everything is done carefully when we assist you. Being home movers Singapore we make sure liquids, important appliances, and fragile items are packed with extra layers and protection. Every type of furniture is also carefully transported to the moving location. We also make excellent mattress mover Singapore since we make sure not even a thread of mattress is damaged. We assist in small house moving to big penthouse moves so you don’t have to think twice before contacting us!


  • Office movers Singapore:

Owning a company is a pretty huge accomplishment and moving it to a bigger and better building is an even bigger sign of success. This can be a whole building shifting or just a floor or an office shifting. As the furniture movers Singapore, we make sure that every piece of furniture of your offices like work desks, cabinets, and drawers are unharmed during the moving. Even small things like office plants, pens and other stationery items are moved safely as we are small items movers. Different rooms in offices like a break room, printers and copy machines room, conference rooms, etc are categorised by us room movers Singapore and relocated without any hassle.


  • Industry and warehouse moving:

A lot of flourishing businesses and industries are seen these days and this calls for commercial moving service. When cleaning out a warehouse or a small industrial working space, several unwanted or discardable things are found. The question of how to store or throw these things is a daunting one. But why stress about this when we provide the best storage and disposal services! We have various clean and spacious storage warehouses which can be the new home for your unwanted things for a while. Along with this, we can also dispose of the items which are no longer needed. This process happens in a way that does not harm the environment and is quite sustainable. The moving process of a warehouse or industry can be quite worrisome because of the product stocks and expensive machinery.  This is we use premium quality packaging items to provide a safe moving service. These products include bubble wraps, spacious cardboard boxes, sponge sheets, strong duct tapes etc. So you relax and leave all your moving worries with us!

  • Event moving service:

Functions and events are an important part of our lives. we destress and create new memories in these events. How can we miss out on offering our services in such joyous functions? Right from weddings to musical showcases, movers and packers Singapore are here to assist you with all kinds of events. We can provide spacious vehicles to transport all the things required in an organised and safe manner. Piano moving service and moving other big and delicate instruments needed for the party are also very much possible when you get in touch with professionals like us. Other stuff like decoration materials, furniture like chairs and tables, etc can be also moved from or to venues.

  • Stores and shops moving:

You finally bought the store of your dreams but are you still stressing about getting your products there? All you have to do is make a call and give us the details. Shops are filled with perishable, non-perishable and delicate things which have to be moved in a fixed time frame and with care. A great furniture moving service is also needed for store relocation since there are important shelves, cabinets, registry machines, etc to be shifted. Our team of skilled professionals tick all boxes of requirements!


What to expect when you hire us?

Shifting is a huge milestone in your life and that is you should know what to expect from us if we are involved:

  • Budget movers Singapore:

We make sure our services are accessible easily to our customers. A part of achieving that is labelling our services at affordable rates. Cheap movers Singapore makes sure you get the best experience of this important rate at discounted rates and good deals!


  • Premium Quality: Every material and product used while the packaging process is of top-notch quality. They protect your things like an actual shield. The use of these materials like bubble wraps or boxes are abundant and plenty to make sure no damage is done.


  • Punctual Experience: Time is quite precious and we really value your time. right from our arrival to transport and reaching the destination, everything will take place at the times discussed during the booking.


  • Proper health precautions: It is hard to navigate through life in the middle of a pandemic and moving can be even more difficult. But we cannot let this be a setback. Our team follows all guidelines and precautions announced by WHO to prevent Covid 19 contraction.

All these points are the reason behind us being the most recommended movers Singapore. Don’t wait up and contact us right away for a wonderful moving experience!





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