Pack Hangers When Moving

Top 8 Easy Methods to Pack Hangers When Moving

Do you want to pack hangers for moving? This article is right for you. Moving to a new home is a significant event that requires careful planning and organization. One of the often-overlooked aspects of moving is how to pack hangers efficiently. Hangers may seem insignificant, but they are essential for keeping your clothes in good condition. Properly packing them can save you time and hassle when you unpack in your new home. Here are the top 8 easy methods to pack hangers when moving.

How to Pack Hangers for a Move?

Packing hangers for moving is often neglected, but it is significant. You should move cloth hangers without affecting the clothes and your daily wares. LS House Movers Singapore offers professional office moving, room moving, and house moving services and gives valuable tips for pack hangers for moving. 

1. Rubber Band Method to Pack Hangers for Moving

The rubber band method is one of the simplest and most effective ways to pack hangers for moving. First, gather hangers in batches of 10-15. Next, secure the top and bottom of each group with strong rubber bands. Finally, lay the grouped hangers flat in a moving box. 

This method keeps your hangers together and prevents them from getting tangled. It’s also easy to unpack; just cut the rubber bands, and your hangers are ready to use.

2. Garbage Bag Method

The garbage bag method is beneficial if you’re short on time. Start by leaving your clothes on the hangers. Then, slide a garbage bag over a group of clothes still on hangers, pulling the bag up from the bottom. 

Secure the bag around the hanger hooks. This method protects your clothes from dust and dirt while keeping hangers organized. It’s a quick and efficient way to pack without removing clothes from hangers.

Pack Hangers When Move

3. Box Method

Using specially designed wardrobe boxes can be a lifesaver. Purchase wardrobe boxes that have a metal bar across the top for hangers. Move clothes directly from your closet to the box, keeping them on their hangers. Once the box is full, close it up and label it. Wardrobe boxes keep your clothes upright and wrinkle-free, making unpacking easier.

4. Suitcase Method

If you have extra suitcases, this method is both practical and space-saving. Lay a group of clothes flat with hangers still in place. Carefully place the folded clothes and hangers into a large suitcase. Close the suitcase and ensure everything is secure. Suitcases provide extra protection for your clothes and hangers; you can easily roll them to your new home.

5. Bungee Cord Method

Bungee cords can be convenient for keeping hangers together. Begin by grouping your hangers in manageable bunches. Wrap bungee cords around the top and bottom of the hanger groups. Place the secured hanger bundles in a box or bag. This flexible method ensures that your hangers remain untangled during the move.

6. Pillowcase Method

The pillowcase method is another quick and easy way to transport hangers. Slide the hanger hooks through the open end of a pillowcase. Pull the pillowcase down over the hangers and tie the open end. This method keeps your hangers together and adds a layer of protection. Plus, it’s a great way to repurpose old pillowcases.

7. Tote Bag Method

Reusable tote bags are not just for groceries; they can also be great for moving hangers. Gather hangers into small groups. Slide the hanger hooks into the tote bag handles. Close the tote bags and tie the handles together. Tote bags are sturdy and easy to carry, making them convenient for packing hangers.

Pack Hangers When Moving singapore

8. Shrink Wrap Method

The shrink-wrap method is ideal for those who want an extra layer of security. Bundle hangers together in small groups. Use shrink wrap to wrap around the hanger hooks and bodies tightly. Place the wrapped bundles in a moving box. Shrink wrap holds everything in place and provides excellent protection during transit.


It might seem like a minor detail to pack hangers for moving in the grand scheme, but it can make a big difference in keeping your move organized and efficient. Using one or more of these methods ensures that your hangers stay together and your clothes remain in good condition. Whether you prefer the simplicity of rubber bands or the protection of shrink wrap, there’s a method to suit every need. 

Frequently Asked Questions

First, remove all the plastic and wire hangers from your closet and gather them into groups. Then, use bags or stretch wrap to secure the hangers into bundles of 30 to 40.
Pack enough hangers to prevent items from shifting around in the box, but not so tightly that the clothes become excessively creased or damaged during the move.
When storing hangers in a cardboard box, stack them carefully on each other and in the same direction to save space.

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