Mattress Moving Service

Mattress Moving Service

A good night’s sleep is very much appreciated after a long day of activities and work. And is the key to that relaxing sleep. Don’t let this get ruined just because you are moving. Our mattress moving service will get your mattress from point A to B in mint condition. Read ahead to know how we can keep our promise to move your mattress safely.
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Our pointers while moving mattresses

Mattress movers like us have studied and upgraded our ways of moving to give our customers a great experience. There are many things to consider while thinking and executing a mattress moving process. The end goal is to create a trusting bond that is why we will share some guidelines that we follow while mattress moving. This will make it easier for you to make a decision and trust us with the move. Here are the pointers:

  • Proper separation:

Many mattresses are fixed to the bed frames and surfaces. We make sure to dismantle the mattress from the bed in a way that does not cause any damage. The bed frames are sometimes installed with screws and this can cause the mattress surface to get caught up in it. This might result in a ripped or shredded mattress surface. This can be avoided with the use of extra layers of sheets, sponge sheets or bubble wraps.

  • Mattress protection:

After taking the mattress down on a safe surface, the next step is to put the mattress in a cover. Mattress wrap for moving is usually made out of plastic. This protects it from water or any other liquid. For a higher safety level, we add an additional cover. This is made out of a soft blanket-like fabric and is very thick. Any sharp objects won’t be able to penetrate and damage the mattress with this cover on. The possibilities of dust or any other blemish also disappear thanks to these covers. The mattress is picked up carefully by our trained team and the covers are secured properly.

  • Loading and transport:

The last step is to carry the mattress out and place it in the carrier. We have a strict policy of making sure the mattress is not bent in any way. Folding the mattress can harm the mattress’ form. The material inside the mattress might move and gather at one side which will make the mattress lumpy. That is why folding the bed mattress is not even considered an option when we move them. Instead of stuffing it, we move them in spacious trucks and carriers. This makes sure that the mattress is laid out flat without any inconsistency in the surface beneath.

We have the option of moving multiple mattresses at once because of our professional employees and big transport units. Punctuality is also one of our strong suits while providing move mattress service. You will never have to call us twice to know the delivery status of your mattress. You don’t have to put a dent in your wallets either because of a hefty bill. Our prices are pocket friendly and the cheapest way to move a mattress so you won’t ever have to think twice before contacting us!

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