Piano Moving Service

Piano Moving Service

Owning a piano is a grand choice. You treasure it; take care of it because it is precious. But what happens when you want to relocate or move out to another place? How do you move these bulky and huge treasures? Well, by simply contacting us- we are the best Piano Moving Service in Singapore. Are you wondering about the Piano Mover Price? Again, we can assure you that we charge the lowest Piano Moving Cost. So, do not stress, and all you have to do is just get in touch with us!
Piano Moving Service

Why would you need Professional Piano Movers?

Well, simply because you can’t lift a weight of thousands of pounds by yourself! But, along with that, here are a few more reasons:

  • You have to protect your Piano, right?

Pianos are precious and, of course expensive. You wouldn’t want to damage your piano permanently just to save a few pounds now, would you? We are the most Professional Piano Movers who will make sure that your piano is moved in a very safe and sound manner, causing absolutely no damage. Since pianos are huge, they can’t really make their way out of your doors. Hence, our team of extremely skilled professionals disassemble the parts, pack them with attention and then, put them back together!

  • Protect your property from damage as well.

Property damage is a regular occurrence when moving a piano alone because of its heavyweight. You will end up damaging the piano itself or its surroundings like door frames, windows, and floors. Movers with little or no experience at all are not really familiar with the proper techniques and methods required to move a piano securely. Also, they lack the tools necessary to deconstruct the piano, pack the piano pieces in a safe manner, and reassemble it in the new site. Pianos are fragile instruments that require adequate care to keep them in good shape.

  • Ensure right transportation

The process of relocating your piano doesn’t end at packing. Packing up your stuff is just first part of the whole process. Then comes, taking care of how your piano will be taken from one place to another. Our team of highly equipped professionals will make sure that your piano is transported in proper trucks with the right padding. We ensure that your piano remains safe and sound no matter what kind of roads are ahead. We have the right tools to make sure that your piano is strapped to our truck to ensure that no damage is done to your piano! The piano transport cost is the most affordable when compared to other players in the industry!

  • Your safety is important too.

 Pianos are heavy and available in a variety of shapes, making it difficult for them to be moved using a staircase. You can’t really move the piano all by yourself. It’s risky to try to transport the piano yourself. One slip, and it’s all downhill. Incorrect lifting might also cause your back to be in pain. This can be done safely by a four- to six-strong moving team. They utilize expert ways to keep the piano and everyone safe.

  •  Save your money and time.

The number of experienced movers required will vary depending on the type of piano you have and where it will be relocated. Moving costs vary depending on whether it is a local or long-distance move. The use of a crane to hoist the piano may be necessary for some challenging circumstances. You may get an estimate of how much your relocation will cost by asking your movers for a price quote. Most of the time, the quantity of quality assurance and service that you receive is worth more than the amount of money you would have spent if you were to take the chance of causing harm on your own.

Depend on LS Movers and Packers to ensure safe Piano Moving and Storage. Our team pays attention to every small detail, right from Piano packing to Piano Storage to transportation and then finally ensuring that the piano is delivered where it should be.

Some things in life should be left to those who do it the best. You may feel like you can probably move the piano by yourself with the help of a few other people. But in reality, this is a pretty risky job. No matter what, your health comes first! Keeping that in mind, we ensure that once you book moving services with us, all the work from there is done by us. You do not have to stress at all.

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