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Storage And Disposal Service

storage & disposal service

Get Best Service With Our Storage Service Facility:

If you recently shifted and your new place is still under construction then you can use our storage service. As there are many products like couches and Tv or something like that which you don’t want to get destroyed. But by using our storage service this will not happen. As we offer the best storage option in which your product will not be damaged or touched.

It is very difficult to pack any item for someone if the person is not an expert at work. We have separate experts for packaging our client’s products. We provide boxes and many things to properly pack your belongings. Our skilled and experienced experts will very carefully pack your belongings.

And moreover, you just relax for unpacking because our experts will also help you to properly unpack your items with full of care.

Storage Service:

We at House Mover Singapore only delivers quality storage and disposal service. It takes so much pressure to think where you can safely store your product. And sometimes it does not require to have your own commercial space to store all your products. But we offer the storage facility where you can have stored your items at an affordable price. We have the professionals to keep your items managed.

And we have all time 24/7 security checking in our warehouse storage. You can store your commercial things also in our warehouse storage. Our storage facility is for residential and commercial belongings. We have the expertise to store your product without any damage. we have kept our warehouse in 24 hours of video surveillance with well-advanced technology.

Long Term Storage:

If you are planning to keep your items in our commercial warehouse storage for a longer time. Then we offer you that at a reasonable price. As if you are getting ready for your new flat or house and you want to keep store your belongings in a safe place. You should go to our storage service.

Short time Storage Facility:

After moving to a new place you maybe need some time for the arrangement of things. If you are not ready to get your products back at the time of delivery. And you want us to keep your products in our store then we can do that for your convenience.

Extra Care of Valuable Products:

If you use our service of storage facility then you can have our different experts separately take care of your valuable products.

Disposal Service:

Our disposal service is 100% certified. And our disposal service will help you to clean your office or house by disposing of wastage. We have a residential disposal service. And we have a commercial disposal service.

Residential Disposal Service:

The disposal process of items looks simple but it is not that simple. Because In Singapore the rules and regulations are strict and you have to follow the rules of disposing garbage. For residential disposal service, you just need to call and book our service. And our experts will guide you every step to dispose of waste.

Commercial Disposal Service:

For the business, it is more problematic to dispose of the garbage. And as a helping hand, we have come up with commercial disposal service. If you are a business owner or you want to clean your office or any commercial place. Then we provide the best service in Singapore.

We comply with the rules of our government. And you will not face any further stress to clean disposal.  By using our service you can easily get stress free about disposing of waste.

Our aim is to fulfill your expectation about the service. And we have completed many disposal works successfully. You can choose what type of service you want and we are ready to help.

Our on-site experts will look after picking up the disposal to the approved disposal ground through transportation. You just need to book the service and that is it. The rest We will work.

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