Residential Moving Services

Residential Moving Services

If you are planning to relocate or move into a new house, the first thing that will stress you out for sure is the whole process of relocating. But, the best part about being in Singapore is having a house moving service such as us to help you with any kind of relocating services. There are a lot of details that have to be paid attention to while moving. If you thought that just looking for a house and finalizing it was the end of the story, well, it is just the beginning!

LS Movers and Packers are Singapore’s most affordable moving service. We understand the value of time and money and hence, keep our prices pretty economical. A house has various belongings to be packed and moved. Our skilled professionals understand this pretty well and are well-equipped with any kind of moving services there may be. Talk about house moving services or room moving services, mattress moving services, or furniture moving services; our team is here, there, and everywhere! 

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What services do we provide in Residential Moving Services?

We move almost every part of your house just the way you want. Here is a list of things we do specifically to take care of your Residential Moving requirements:

  • House Moving Services

We are the most affordable and popular house movers in Singapore. We understand the value of your belongings and take utmost care while packing them up and transporting them. With us, you do not have to worry at all about any kind of damage issues.

  • Room Moving Services

 A particular charm and significance can be found in each room. Consequently, the room moving service should consider this and be adaptable in their operations. This is exactly how the room movers in Singapore operate: It has been decided that our services will be amended to suit better the demands of the space that has to be relocated.

We provide the best level of service regardless of the type of space that requires relocation. Our packing materials, which are utilized in the relocation process, are of the highest quality. Transportation of the items is handled by large, stable carrier units with a responsible and skilled driver. A manager will be in charge of overseeing the entire relocating procedure. All of these advantages are available to our customers at competitive pricing and with special offers. Getting a quote and learning more about our services is as simple as giving us a call.

  • Mattress moving service

After a long day of activities and labor, a nice night’s sleep is greatly appreciated. And that is the key to getting a good night’s sleep. Don’t allow the fact that you’re relocating to ruin this. Mattress movers such as ourselves have studied and improved our methods of moving to provide our customers with a positive moving experience. When planning and performing a mattress relocation operation, there are numerous factors to consider.

Because of our highly trained workers and large transport equipment, we can move many beds simultaneously. When it comes to moving mattresses, punctuality is also one of our strong strengths. You will never have to phone us more than once to find out the status of your mattress delivery. You don’t have to break your bank account because of a large bill, either. Our rates are reasonable and the most cost-effective method of moving a mattress, so you won’t have to think twice about contacting us in the future!

  • Furniture Moving Service

Hiring the best furniture moving service in Singapore to assist you in settling into your new home could be your best option, and we highly recommend that you do so. After all, you won’t be able to complete all of the furniture removal and storage relocation tasks on your own time. Using the services of a reputable furniture shifting company can make the moving procedure much less stressful. One of Singapore’s best furniture moving companies, we have you covered with our top-notch furniture transportation services.

Our furniture transporting services can assist you with your relocation anymost affordable distinction day of the week, including weekends and holidays. Furniture is protected during the moving process by extra precautions. During the transportation of your furniture, we will use both cardboard and string wrap to keep it protected. You can rest confident that all of your belongings are in good hands and will arrive at their destination securely and without harm if you use our services. Our reputation as Singapore’s most dependable heavy furniture movers has also won us the distinction of being the most affordable. Only a few companies provide this service, and we are pleased to be a well-known brand in the industry.

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