Furniture Moving Service

Furniture Moving Service

Are you moving to a new home soon? If so, we highly recommend hiring the services of the best furniture moving service in Singapore to help you get settled in your new place. After all, you can’t do all the furniture removal and storage moving all by yourself. Hiring a good furniture shifting services provider can make the moving process a lot easier and stress-free. We are one of the best furniture moving companies in Singapore and have you covered with our best furniture transport services.

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Our furniture shifting services can conveniently help you relocate on any day of the week, and even on public holidays. We take extra-secure steps for protecting furniture while shifting. We use both cardboard and string wrap to protect your furniture during transportation. You can be assured that all your items are in good hands, and will reach the destination safely, with no damage. We also have earned a name as Singapore’s most reliable heavy furniture movers. There are very few vendors who offer this service and we are proud to be a popular name in the space.

Often you are travelling for an extended duration of time and would like to save on your house rents as you are not staying at the place. In such situations it is advisable to store your furniture at a storage facility. However, it is extremely important that the facility is safe and accessible whenever you need to. We also offer valet self storage solution for your personal storage needs. Be it household storage or heavy furniture, we will pick them up and store them in our facility and you can get it back when you need it. We offer the option for both temporary furniture storage and long term furniture storage. We provide safe, secure, reliable and affordable storage services in Singapore. With no lock-in-contract, you are free to upgrade or downgrade your storage unit anytime you like. At out Singapore outlet, we have a range of self-storage lockers and units, housed in an air-conditioned facility which is accessible all round the clock.

At times, it is not advisable to move furniture as-is. It makes more sense to dismantle the furniture into a more compact form. This ensures easy transportation and minimal damage during the movement. The dismantled furniture is then reassembled at the destination. Depending on the size and form of furniture, most moving companies offer furniture dismantle service and re-assembly services for a smoother and safer moving experience. Our team of experts have great experience with the disassembly and assembly process. We can assist you to literally move all the furniture with minimal transport wastage.

With over 10 years of experience as Singapore’s popular local furniture movers, we have optimized our services to better provide guidance to customers like you, as well as help you save time, money and energy. Our ultimate aim is to offer you a seamless and stress free furniture moving experience keeping in mind your budget. Go ahead and give us a call today!

Furniture is undoubtedly one of the most important things for a room. Without furniture, no matter what type of room it is, it is incomplete. Not only is it the only medium of storage, but it also adds to the decor theme in the room. As furniture movers Singapore, we value the time you invested in picking your furniture and the worth of the money that went into owning it. And this is why we take pride in providing the best furniture shifting services for our clients. Read on to know more about this process! 

What have we got for you?

There are multiple aspects to think over when you move. Especially when it comes to moving furniture to a new place. There are several different types of furniture which cause several concerns as well. It is a good thing that we tick off all the boxes when it comes to variations in the moving of furniture. Here are all the services you can expect from us:-

  • Efficient dismantling: Furniture dismantle service is an extremely important step in the moving process. Furniture parts are delicate in nature and even minor damage can make the assembling impossible. The parts also need to be collected and moved safely without misplacing any of them. It is quite difficult to find only one part of a furniture assembly and if you don’t find it then you will have to replace the whole unit. Furniture moving companies like us have a whole team trained and dedicated to disassembling furniture. They will carefully dismantle every part and organise it in a convenient way that will help you when you unpack. The screws and other small pieces are stored properly so all kinds of misplacements are avoided.
  • Full-proof packaging: After dismantling, the furniture is prepared for moving. This step has to be done quite meticulously. Glass furniture like coffee tables, cabinets, etc are packed in a way that nothing can shake or penetrate the packaging. Wooden furniture is prone to damage by any impact or contact with water. Hence there are multiple layers created between the furniture and any other element that might affect it. The aluminium and other metal might get dented during the packing process. This is why all furniture is wrapped in layers of bubble wrap or sponge sheets to cushion and protect them. Then they are packed and sealed in spacious boxes completing the packaging process.
  • Safe transport: Furniture transport services should be systematic and strategically planned. There are all kinds of furniture in a room like delicate/brittle and heavy. Our heavy furniture movers are very skilled in loading them in the carrier while making sure no damage is done. The position of every piece of furniture also matters when they are being moved. The possibility of the packages moving around and getting damaged is completely gone because of the clever placement. After the packages are loaded the transport unit takes off and reaches the relocation address where the unloading takes place.
  • Space management: while moving, many times people realise that they have not planned the furniture placement or thought about the lack of space. This is where we can help with our furniture removal and storage services. There are two types of storage available for use. temporary furniture storage is the first type. You can store your furniture for a short while at the storage to figure your situation out. The other type is long term furniture storage. This helps you keep your furniture safe with us for a long period of time without any hassle!

Local furniture movers like us do our best to provide the best experience to our fellow clients. Keeping this in mind, we have labelled all services in a very affordable price range. The furniture removal costs can be fit inside your budget. All you have to do is contact us for a smooth and convenient shifting day!

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